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We Must Work to Keep Local Elections Nonpartisan

Holly Monkman | Published on 12/21/2023
Published in the Daily Camera (Boulder, Colorado) Open Forum on Thursday, December 21, 2023
Published in the Longmont Leader (Boulder, Colorado) Opinion on Wednesday, December 13, 2023

The League of Women Voters of Boulder County (LWVBC) was dismayed by the partisan postcard mailing in the City of Boulder mayoral election, a nonpartisan election contest. The card declared the party affiliation of one of the four candidates, which has no bearing in Boulder’s mayoral contests. Most major American cities have nonpartisan city governments & the political parties do not make the nominations for these candidates. That the postcard was funded by a national organization, the Working Families Party National PAC is also a concern.

The LWVBC supports public campaign financing and abolishing Super PACs. Unfortunately, we’re not likely to see Super PACs abolished anytime soon. So LWVBC asks Boulder County voters to contact their city council members asking what they plan to do in the next election cycle regarding spending from outside groups because it’s likely to happen again. Will your city tighten up their campaign finance laws? Would candidates be willing to disavow any spending from outside groups? Do the candidates pledge to keep our local elections nonpartisan?

Erie’s next town council election is in 2024, other municipalities have their city council elections in 2025 and the next City of Boulder mayoral election is in 2026. If you were disgusted by the postcard, then put a reminder in your phone to show up at the candidate forums & ask questions about partisanship & outside money in nonpartisan elections. This is your opportunity to hold candidates accountable.

Holly Monkman
Advocacy Director
League of Women Voters of Boulder County