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LWV Statement on Gun Violence in Boulder, Colorado
Published on: 3/25/2021
A joint statement from LWVUS, LWVCO and LWVBC regarding the tragic mass shooting in Boulder on March 22nd.
Statement to LWVBC Members regarding the Boulder Mass Shooting
Elizabeth Crowe, President
Published on: 3/23/2021
A message from LWVBC's President regarding yesterday's mass shooting in boulder.

Action Alert

Check out the LWVCO Legislative Action Report
Shelby Bates
Published on: 3/27/2021
During each legislative session, you can read about each bill the Legislative Action Committee is currently following.

The Voter Newsletter

Gun Safety in Colorado
Sylvia Bernstein
Published on: 6/2/2021
News and actions on gun safety
From Membership June 2021
Debby Vink
Published on: 5/31/2021
Article from membership team
Voter Strategy in Instant-Runoff Voting and Approval Voting
By the Voting Methods Team
Published on: 5/9/2021
A talking point getting a lot of buzz recently states that voters have to be strategic when they fill out an approval voting ballot. We’d like to disentangle this accusation.
An End to Campaign Finance Corruption and More
Carolyn Elliot
Published on: 4/1/2021
Such a state of affairs would be music to my ears! It is possible, with the passage of the United States Senate Bill #1 (S #1), the “For the People” Act that passed the U.S. House of Representatives (HR #1) March 3rd, and was presented in the U.S. Senate on March 8th, 2021.
Membership April 2021
Debby Vink
Published on: 4/1/2021
Welcome to New Members Jennifer Greene and Veniece Miller. Our current member count is 281.
What Is RCV Anyway?
Celeste Landry
Published on: 4/1/2021
The term ranked-choice voting (RCV) is so bandied about these days that it tends to take up all the oxygen in any discussion on better voting methods. However, RCV is actually an umbrella term referring to several, though not all, ranked-voting methods.
Presidents' Letter March 2021
Elizabeth Crowe
Published on: 3/1/2021
90 Never Looked so Good
New Member Profile and Climate Action Issue Team Announcement
Lydia Linke
Published on: 2/28/2021
Musing on the occasion of the new climate action issue team
Membership - Mar 2021
Debby Vink
Published on: 2/27/2021
Membership updates
Come on Down! Help wanted!
Carolyn Elliott
Published on: 2/27/2021
The nominating committee is looking for people to fill three positions
Goodbye to Marion Read
Peggy Leech
Published on: 2/27/2021
We note with sadness the recent passing of Marion Read, after a long bout with cancer
Membership - Feb 2021
Jennifer L Bales
Published on: 1/31/2021
VOTER article - Feb 2021 Membership
Voting Methods Team: City Council Elections
Jennifer L Bales
Published on: 1/31/2021
Voting methods - City Council Elections - The Voter, Feb 2021
Our New Website Team
Jennifer L Bales
Published on: 1/31/2021
Shelby Bates and Lydia Linke form LWVBC's ne website team
Letter to the Editor - For the People Act
Jennifer L Bales
Published on: 1/31/2021
Letter to the Editor by Co-President Elizabeth Crowe regarding the proposed For the People Act
Pat Johnson - bequest and oral interview
Jennifer L Bales
Published on: 1/31/2021
Additional Bequest from Pat Johnson and interview at Carnegie Library
In memoriam - Judith Stueben
Jennifer L Bales
Published on: 1/31/2021
In memoriam - Judith Stueben
LWVCO Receives NASS Medallion Award
Jennifer L Bales
Published on: 1/31/2021
Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold awarded NASS Medallion Awards to those who contributed to the success of the 2020 election including LWVCO
Presidents' Letter Feb 2021
Jennifer L Bales
Published on: 1/31/2021
Presidents' Letter Feb 2021 - Reflection and Action!


What is RCV Anyway?
Voting Methods Team of the League of Women Voters of Bould
Published on: 6/17/2021
A letter from the LWVBC Voting Methods Team published in the Boulder Weekly
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