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Living Wage Coalition of Longmont 2019


The LWVBC and the signers below have formed the
Living Wage Coalition of Longmont 2019.

The coalition vision:
The city of Longmont pays a Living Wage*, beginning in 2020, to all of its municipal employees, including those who are part-time and temporary, as well as all employees working under city contracts. 

The coalition mission:
The city will insert a minimum-wage clause into their Requests for Proposals with companies that hire ongoing employees such as custodians and landscape workers.
   This clause will set a minimum wage based on the Self-Sufficiency Standard** plus a specified index for regular increases. All companies with city contracts must adhere to this minimum in their payroll practices. A sample clause follows (dollar amounts for 2020 TBD):

         Our municipality has adopted a living wage minimum of $___ per hour for in-house custodial
         and other designaged staff. Proposals will be evaluated given preference to companies who
         also include a wage scale at a minimum of $___ per hour. Your submittal will be evaluated for    
         providing a living wage, completeness of staffing structure, efficiency and overall staffing
         structure for (cleaning city buildings.) 

Join Us to Raise the Living Wage for Longmont’s contract, part-time and temporary employees.

  • Sign on as a coalition supporter by writing to

  • Write to Longmont City Council members or speak at Council meetings.
       Contact Longmont Living Wage Coalition Co-Chairs Pat Long and Mary Ann Wilner  -  303-499-4544 (message)
      Regular council meetings are the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month
      at 7 pm in the Council Chambers located in the Civic Center at 350 Kimbark St., Longmont 

  • Forward this to your friends, family and colleagues so they can sign on.

  • To learn more, read
       "We've measured the living wage. The data is disturbing," by Claire Levy (March 2, 2019)
       "Living Wage in Longmont: A Call to Action" (July 2018)
       "Statement from Coalition for Longmont Living Wage" (November 13, 2018)

Coalition Members
     League of Women Voters of Boulder County (read our position here)
     American Association of University Women (AAUW) Longmont
     The Inn Between
     Heart of Longmont United Methodist Church


Peggy Leech
     Mary Ann Wilner
     Pat Long
     Ruth Stemler
     Jim Lovett
     Mary Ann Watson
     Darcy Juday
     Tambre Rasmussen
     Don Grant
     Kay Palmer Marsh
     Deborah Hayes
     Rev. David Burt, Pastor, Heart of Longmont UMC
     Jan Buchanan
     Sharon K. Yonkees
     Louisa Matthias
     Rionda Osman
     Shirly White
     Beverly Springer
     Diana Haskell
     Gaythia Weis
     Lynne Wegley
     Keith E. Watson
     Jake Marsing
     Lee Shanis
     Dave Stemler
     Brian Long
     Diane Roggow
     Diane Burkepile
     Anna Evenson
     Molly Hardman
     Jose Beteta



      *A Living Wage is the minimum earned amount that enables an individual or family of a certain composition, in a particular geographical location, to be economically self-sufficient without reliance on public or private income supports.

     **The Self-Sufficiency Standard, published every three years by the Colorado Center for Law and Policy, calculates the minimum hourly wage by which an individual or a family (of each of seven different composition types) can live without public or private supports in each of Colorado’s 64 counties.