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Living Wage Coalition of Longmont


The Living Wage Coalition of Longmont is a group of organizations and individuals in Longmont and elsewhere in Boulder County, Colorado, working to secure a living wage for City of Longmont employees. The LWV of Boulder County is proud to be a leading member of the Coalition.

The Coalition goal is to ensure that by 2020, the City of Longmont will pay all idividuals who are employed by companies with city contracts a minimum hourly wage of $17.42, based on the Self-Sufficiency Standard.

The Coalition proposes that employees such as city custodial and landscape staff be provided a living wage, and that contract employees working without benefits will receive a percentage wage increase in lieu of benefits. These employees will also receive regularly scheduled wage increases based upon an established index.

Longmont can implement this living wage goal by:
      •  reclaiming custodial and landscape staff as city employees;
      •  inserting a labor practices clause into all city contracts; or
      •  establishing a city ordinance.

Help support a living wage for Longmont city contract workers!

•     Sign on as a coalition supporter by emailing
•     Write to Longmont City Council members, asking them to support a living wage for city  
•     Speak in person to the Longmont City Council at their biweekly meetings. Council 
      meetings are held at 7 p.m. 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month, at 
      council chambers. Speakers must arrive at 6:45 to sign in, and are allowed 3
      minutes to address council members.
•     Share this webpage with friends and neighbors to spread the word.

For more background on the living wage issue:
•     LWVBC Statement: Living Wage in Longmont: A Call to Action
•     Statement from Coalition for Longmont Living Wage
•     Daily Camera Op-Ed "We've measured the living wage. The data is disturbing"
•     Living wage discussion on KGNU-FM Community radio
•     LWVBC Program Position on Minimum / LivingWages
•     Statements from Coalition members to Longmont City Council

For more information on the Living Wage Coalition contact Co-Chairs Pat
Long and Mary Ann Wilner at or 303-499-4544.

Coalition Members (as of April 2019)
     League of Women Voters of Boulder County (read our position here)
     American Association of University Women (AAUW) Longmont
     The Inn Between
     Heart of Longmont United Methodist Church
     Immigrant Legal Center of Boulder County
     Boulder Area Labor Council of the AFL / CIO
     AFL / CIO
     United Food and Commercial Works, Local 7


Peggy Leech
     Mary Ann Wilner
     Pat Long
     Ruth Stemler
     Jim Lovett
     Mary Ann Watson
     Darcy Juday
     Tambre Rasmussen
     Don Grant
     Kay Palmer Marsh
     Deborah Hayes
     Rev. David Burt, Pastor, Heart of Longmont UMC
     Jan Buchanan
     Sharon K. Yonkees
     Louisa Matthias
     Rionda Osman
     Shirly White
     Beverly Springer
     Diana Haskell
     Gaythia Weis
     Lynne Wegley
     Keith E. Watson
     Jake Marsing
     Lee Shanis
     Dave Stemler
     Brian Long
     Diane Roggow
     Diane Burkepile
     Anna Evenson
     Molly Hardman
     Jose Beteta
     Louisa Young
     Laurel Herndon
     Tara Scott
     Carolyn Phillips
     Sylvie Pennaforte
     Shari Malloy
     Belen Pargas Solis
     Maria Gordillo Villa
     Judy Lubow
     Kathy Partridge
     Carol Cook
     Kathy Hall
     Linda Davies (AAUW Longmont)
     Nancy Andersson
     Anne Bryan
     Maryann Brown Sperry
     Roxanne Bailin
     John and Amy Thornbury
     Julie Dadone
     Rev. Steven D. Reinhard, Lead Pastor, Longs Peak United Methodist Church
     Faith Halverson-Ramos
     Bonnie Van Deursen