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Stacie Johnson | Published on 10/1/2023


An important component in performing the League’s mission of informing and empowering voters is The website platform has many functions and services, with the primary focus being the League’s non-partisan voters’ guide. At the local level, the League of Women Voters of Boulder County takes part in providing resource information to VOTE411 applicable to Boulder County voters. As the election season ramps up, VOTE411 is set up to provide impartial ballot issue information addressing several local and state ballot questions, along with candidate responses to questions carefully curated by many state League volunteers. One of those volunteers is our very own Cindy Lindsay. Kudos to Cindy and many others as they continue to work hard to complete the last stretch of the VOTE411 information gathering marathon. 

Why VOTE411? 

Cath Perrone, who is the League of Women Voters of Colorado VOTE411 Voter Guide Administrator, has this to say:

  • A 2020 study of 'non-voters' conducted by the Knight Foundation found that 38% of respondents stated that "a neutral source of basic information about candidates and issues" would have been the best motivator for them to get out and vote. 
  • The CIRCLE study study found that 81% of young voters (18-29) don't know where or how to cast their ballots and need information about the candidates and ballot issues. 
  • The League of Women Voters Education Fund provides such a resource to all voters throughout the United States. All Colorado candidates and ballot issues can be found easily on our voter guide at starting October 9th

For the upcoming election, Boulder County voters will choose among many candidates competing for spots to shepherd their municipalities, such as Boulder, Longmont, Lafayette, and Louisville, along with candidates seeking to lead the Boulder Valley School District Board of Education. Superior voters will also be considering fellow residents who are wanting to be on the Home Rule Charter Commission, pending if a commission is approved by the town’s voters during this year’s election. With lots of decisions and choices to be made by Boulder County voters during this election and all future elections, the LWVBC Voter Service team urges the LWVBC membership to commit to the following actions:

  1. Begin using VOTE411 if you are not already familiar with it; 
  2. Share details about the resource with at least five people who know nothing about it, including potential and non-registered voters; 
  3. Inform your Boulder County neighbors, family, and friends that a major portion of the VOTE411 information supplied by the LWVBC has been translated and interpreted in Spanish and candidates have an opportunity to respond in Spanish;
  4. Let your friends and neighbors know that the LWVBC voter service team will strive to place recorded candidate and ballot issue presentations on the VOTE411 platform as well as the LWVBC YouTube Channel and the LWVBC website; 
  5. If you notice a candidate that has not yet responded to the League’s questions, please notify them and urge them to complete their participation as soon as possible as their empty response may appear very noticeable among the user feature of comparing candidate responses side-by-side; 
  6. Inform candidates and other voters that all VOTE411 responses come directly from the candidates and are unedited by LWV;
  7. Please extend a thank-you to all the candidates who have supplied their responses to VOTE411 as their participation allows voters to be informed before casting their vote; and lastly,
  8. A SPECIAL REQUEST - Please place a LWVBC VOTE411 sign in your yard or window, as featured in the photo below by our renowned LWVBC Treasurer and very valued volunteer, Pat Long. 


Please note, in an effort to recoup the cost in making the yard signs and to assist with overall fundraising efforts, the LWVBC voter service team is requesting a $25.00 donation made payable to the LWVBC for each yard sign received by an individual. To request your yard sign and to find out about donation payment options, please contact Stacie Johnson, LWVBC Voter Service Director, at or at 303-910-8399.