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Stacie Johnson | Published on 10/1/2023


Hello Fellow Boulder County Leaguers!

I’m Stacie Johnson, the new voter service director, who is attempting to follow the great leadership of my predecessor Emma Pillar and many others. The election season is upon us and as such there are many League volunteers and leaders working hard behind the scenes to inform and educate voters. Their work includes preparing and presenting information on ballot issues, making several candidate forums happen, and orchestrating candidate responses and ballot issue information for the online voters’ guide, The LWVBC extraordinaires leading those efforts are, left to right: Cindy Lindsay, VOTE411 Coordinator; Judy Dixon, Ballot Issues Coordinator; Josephine Porter and Martine Elianor, our Candidate Forum Coordinators. 

voter service montage

These four individuals, along with several others, are what makes the LWVBC voter service train run, and let me tell you, it takes A LOT to get that locomotive running and running smoothly. I really appreciate the dedication of Judy, Martine, Jo, Cindy, and so many others in supporting Boulder County voters. 

As we continue to “chug - chug - chug” ahead in providing election season information, the voter service crew welcomes any volunteer support you can give, especially for the upcoming candidate forums. Volunteer roles include ushering, timekeeping, and sorting through all the questions directed to the candidates from the audience. If you feel like you got the moderator chops, definitely reach out to Martine and Jo and they can provide you a rundown of the LWVBC method and processes and what training can be provided. If you are a bit reluctant to sign up for any of those roles, at the minimum come check out a candidate forum and witness first hand what an invaluable service that the League provides community members, while also allowing candidates to share their perspectives within a fair and balanced manner. 

Although the bulk of the work has passed for ballot issues and VOTE411, please reach out to Judy and Cindy for any remaining help that is needed or how you can assist during the upcoming election cycles that are just around the corner in 2024.

All in all, if you feel ready to sign up, help out, or want to hop on the fast moving voter service train, please email me at or take a look at the volunteer and event pages of the LWVBC website for more info and details. 

Signing off with a train start and its whistle:


Stacie J, Train Engineer to #1 LWVBC