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Sept 19th - Learn about the City of Boulder’s New Election Changes!

Celeste Landry | Published on 7/31/2023

To prepare City of Boulder voters for election changes this fall, LWVBC is teaming up with Boulder County Clerk Molly Fitzpatrick and City of Boulder Clerk Elesha Johnson.  The specific details of our Sept 19th in-person event are not all worked out yet, but we plan to discuss the election changes and address other election administration questions.

Topics include:

  • Boulder’s first-ever mayoral direct election
  • Our ranked choice (instant runoff) voting mayoral contest if there are more than 2 mayoral candidates 
  • Voter strategy in ranked choice (instant runoff) voting
  • Changes in city council and mayoral terms for the 2023 and 2025 elections as Boulder transitions to even-year elections
  • What happens if a council member with two more years on their term is elected mayor
  • City of Boulder’s campaign finance rules
  • A better way to report council election results

Educating voters is perhaps the League activity most appreciated by the public!

Join us in person on Sept 19, 2023 from 6:30pm to 8pm at Levin Hall at the Boulder JCC, 6007 Oreg Ave (near Arapahoe Ave and a JUMP bus stop). The event will be recorded for later viewing on the LWVBC, city and county websites. Spanish translation services will be provided.

Please invite others to attend.  You can register here to submit a question before Sept 19th.  Your advance registration helps us with event planning, but is not required.

Below: a sample ranked ballot (from the City of Boulder website)

Boulder sample ballot