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National Popular Vote Campaign

Imagine the Power of the Popular Vote for Presidential Elections


In the United States, the office of the President is the only one determined by the electoral college: a system by which “electors” in each state, chosen by candidates’ political parties represent the votes cast for President in that state. Candidates receiving a national total of 270 or more electoral college votes can win the election, even if they don’t win the popular vote.

Because candidates are conditioned to achieve the electoral college vote threshold, they tend to focus on highly-populated “battleground states” with more electoral college votes, and under-value voters in smaller or less-populated places.

The League of Women Voters believes the National Popular Vote Compact (NPV) is an acceptable, fair and more democratic alternative to the electoral college.

The NPV is an agreement among states, by interstate compact, to allocate their state electoral votes consistent with the outcome of the national popular vote in the presidential election. The NPV Compact guarantees the presidency to the candidate receiving the popular votes in ALL 50 states and the District of Columbia.

With NPV, each voter is equally valued, no matter how many electoral college votes their state holds.

For the NPV to go into effect, enough states must join the Compact to reach the 270-vote electoral college threshold. Already, eleven other states have enacted the NPV Compact, reflecting 172 of the required 270 votes. 

Help us bring Colorado into the NPV Compact!

In January 2019 Colorado state legislators will introduce a bill that would join our state to the NPV Compact, adding our nine electoral college votes to help reach the 270-vote threshold.

We need your help to make it happen!  Here’s what you can do:

To join LWVBC’s National Popular Vote Team, contact us at (303) 499-4544 or just come to our next meeting!

I want Colorado to join the National Popular Vote
Compact because everyone’s vote for President
should count. Winner-take-all voting is a form of
voter suppression, especially for the vast majority
of voters who are not in battle-ground states.”
                            – Peggy Leech, LWVBC President