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Larimer County: Oil & Gas Wells & Pipelines
Published on: 10/21/2017

Guest Speaker: Jason Elkins, Civil Engineer
City of Longmont Public Works & Natural Resources Department

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 9:30 – 11:30


Automatic Voter Registration Needs Our Support
Published on: 06/26/2017
Peggy Leech urges us to support the current voter registration bill. Published in the Daily Camera, 19 June 2017.

Advocacy Call

Still Defending the Right to Vote
Published on: 06/24/2017
For nearly a century, the League has fought to defend the most fundamental American right—casting a ballot. At the grassroots level, we are going on the offense by expanding voter registration and outreach efforts in underrepresented communities and winning battles to enhance voters’ access to the polls.

Action Call

Help Follow the Money
Published on: 10/20/2017
A new website collects political messages here in Colorado, Follow the Message. Send photos of flyers and other campaign information to help track down who is spending the money in campaigns.
LWVBC Declaración Formal sobre DACA * 9/6/17 (en espagnol)
Published on: 09/09/2017
La Liga de Mujeres Votantes del Condado de Boulder (LWBC) apoya y celebra los derechos de todos los norteamericanos de participar completamente en nuestra democracia. Afirmamos nuestra posición nacional de la Liga de Mujeres Votantes (LWV) en cuanto a inmigración, la cual apoya políticas que proporcionen un eficaz camino hacia la ciudadanía para inmigrantes, y se opone a la deportación de inmigrantes no autorizados que no tienen un historial criminal.
LWVUS Petition: Reject 'Election Integrity' Commission’s Voter Suppression Agenda!
Published on: 07/12/2017
advocacy call from Chris Carson
Join the Climate Change Coalition
Published on: 06/26/2017
Ruth Stemler urges Colorado to join a coalition of states led by California, Washington and New York working to reduce carbon emissions.


Catch Up on KGNU Elections 2017 Coverage
Published on: 10/08/2017
KGNU Radio interviews and coverage of the 2017 elections.
LWVBC Statement on DACA (English)
Published on: 09/09/2017
The League of Women Voters of Boulder County (LWVBC) supports and celebrates the rights
of all Americans to participate fully in our democracy. We affirm our national LWV position on
immigration, which supports policies that provide an efficient pathway to citizenship for
immigrants, and opposes deporting unauthorized immigrants who have no history of criminal
LWVBC Recognizes Contributions at the Annual Meeting
Published on: 05/26/2017
At the Annual Meeting, 6 May 2017, the LWVBC recognized the contributions of several people.