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Making Democracy Work for All.

Join Us Today!

Serving the People of Boulder County, Colorado
Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

In 2019 Colorado joined the
National Popular Vote Compact

If you are asked to sign a
to put the issue
on the ballot


The NPV measure, SB 19-042,
is ALREADY law.

It passed both houses of the 
Colorado Legislature and was
  signed by the Governor.

    It's PETITION season.

   Should you sign?

Read our guidelines here 

and Think Before You Ink!

The League On-Screen:

 • Let's Talk ... Money in Politics
 • How
 Can We Eliminate
    the Electoral College?
 • Voter Suppression
 • Voting Methods 101: More
    choices for voters

            WORK FOR ALL
League of Women Voters of Boulder County 

P.O. Box 21274 
Boulder, CO 80308 


[email the League
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