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Decline to sign the Initiative 122 petition! says Colo Coalition for the Homeless

 | Published on 2/19/2020
From the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, February 2020:

In this season of ballot initiative petitions you may be approached by signature gatherers for Initiative 122. Please decline to sign this petition.

Initiative 122 is a statewide measure that caps growth and housing in the 11 Front Range counties. While the proposal may sound fine on first reading, the details make this initiative harmful to Colorado. 

First, Initiative 122 deceptively includes a slightly higher allowance for affordable housing. But with our region being more than 20,000 affordable units behind, Initiative 122 will make affordable housing near impossible to build.

Second, Initiative 122 will push development into rural counties and cause urban sprawl to replace farmland and natural areas, while making traffic congestion even worse for Coloradans.

Finally, Initiative 122 would limit the supply of housing, driving up the price of homes and apartments, and placing much of that burden on working families, seniors and Coloradans on fixed incomes.

If you are approached by a petition circulator, remember these concerns and say, "No thank you." 

The League of Women Voters advises