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Common Cause Lists Colorado ALEC members

Rionda Osman

logo Common Cause
The letter from Common Cause (below) gives us new information about the American Legislative Exchange Council and its influence in Colorado. 

Dear Common Cause Activist,

A public records request released yesterday exposed 15 Colorado state legislators as members of the American Legislative Exchange Council, commonly known as ALEC.

If your state representative or senator is on the list below, please contact them NOW and urge them to leave ALEC.

Colorado ALEC Legislators

Wait... what is ALEC?

ALEC brings together elected leaders and corporate lobbyists to create and vote on model legislation—behind closed doors and without public input. These bills are then introduced into state legislatures across the country.

ALEC has been behind legislation to:

  • Roll back renewable energy standards
  • Make it harder to vote by requiring photo ID at polling places
  • Block local governments from raising the minimum wage, restricting fracking, and mandating paid sick leave
  • Call for a constitutional convention that would put all Americans rights and civil liberties up for grabs
John Oliver YouTube Video

ALEC operates in secrecy, and has done an excellent job keeping out of the public eye.The organization does not release the names of their members, and all ALEC meetings are closed off from the public and media. As a result, few people are familiar with ALEC and the damage they have done to the social, environmental, and economic justice movements.

Our elected leaders should serve their constituents—not corporate interests. 

If your state senator or representative is on this list, contact them RIGHT NOW and demand that they cut ties with ALEC.

In solidarity,

Amanda Gonzalez, Executive Director
and the team at Colorado Common Cause