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Living Wage Longmont: The campaign so far

LWVBC president Peggy Leech and Darcy Juday of the American Association of University Women talk to KGNU news director Maeve Conran. Recorded in early April 2019. 

Read a summary and listen to the seven-minute discussion 

NOTE: Since the time of the broadcast the Living Wage or Self-Sufficiency Standard for Boulder County has increased to $17.42 per hour from the $15.67 of past years.
See our webpage 
Living Wage for more information.

 is partnering with us on a monthly series of updates called
Making Democracy Work for All!

We focus on educating KGNU listeners on the workings of state and local government and letting them know how they can 
get involved at different stages of the political process.

Our thanks to Maeve Conran at KGNU who is working with Jeannette Hillery, our voice on the airwaves, to plan these four-minute spots.

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Making Democracy Work for All: The National Popular Vote 
(26 February 2019) - Peggy Leech
Our LWVBC talks about the National Popular Vote (NPV) and why the League supports it.


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