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Let’s Get Big Money Out of Politics

Our democracy is failing because corporate money, special interests and very wealthy individuals enables candidates to run for office, win elections, and then, pass legislation favoring their contributors. This situation has been greatly exacerbated by Citizens United and other Supreme Court decisions that have weakened campaign finance laws and made our election and regulatory systems less fair. 

League’s Money in Politics Team is your source for non-partisan information, dialogue, strategic planning and advocacy to make sure our democratic process works for people, not big money interests. We align our work with the League of Women Voters US position on money in politics, and network with campaign finance reform groups to represent the interests of Boulder County residents.


Campaign Finance Regulations for Boulder County Governments

Do you know your city's regulations for campaign finance donations? While Colorado has some good election and campaign finance laws, each city may have its own additional rules. To see your city's rules and regulations, as well as how much each local candidate in your city has raised, click on your city link below:

Boulder    Erie     Lafayette     Longmont     Louisville     Lyons      Nederland    Superior

Follow the Money


Click the links below to see the Center for Responsive Politics fundraising profiles for our Boulder County federal elected officials: 

For information on campaign spending on social media:

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