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Money in Politics Team

Focus of Our Team:  Money in Politics

Our democracy is failing as the money of corporations, special interests and very wealthy individuals enables candidates to run for office, win elections and then pass legislation favoring their contributors. This situation has been greatly exacerbated by Citizens United and other Supreme Court decisions that have eliminated campaign finance laws.  Read the LWVUS position on Money in Politics

Like all League Issue Teams, we welcome new participants! You don't have to be an expert to join us. You do not have to be a League member to attend one of our team meetings and learn more. We meet monthly.  Check the calendar for the next meeting. Contact our Money in Politics Team Leader - - for meeting locations and more information about our agenda.

Follow the Money

Click the links below to see the (Center for Responsive Politics) fundraising profiles of our elected officials: 

Kenneth R. Buck (R-CO District 4)

Read our MiP Blasts for the latest news!

Click to read our latest blast: 

Oct 2018: Dark Money Illuminated 

The Money in Politics Team sends out MiP eBlasts, 
short memos on newsworthy topics
about money in politics. 

Click to browse through the collection:

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Our team has created materials to inform members and the public about issues surrounding money in our political system.  We are working to encourage municipalities in Boulder County to adopt or improve their campaign finance reform systems.

In Boulder City Council elections can candidates choose public financing. The League worked to design and implement this public financing system.  Visit the City of Boulder web site to learn more about the Campaign Finance Reform Initiative.  

LWVBC Money in Politics Toolkit


Click the link below to view our Money in Politics video on YouTube: 

           Let's Talk ... Money in Politics

Our one-page CFR Toolkit [85 KB, 1 page] provides information about other organizations that share our commitment to campaign finance reform. 


We have collected some frequently asked questions about campaign finance and publicly financed campaigns, including questions about Colorado law:

Campaign Finance Reform FAQ  [60 KB, 5 pages] (Spring 2016)

Publicly Financed Campaigns FAQ [50 KB, 3 pages] (Spring 2016)

You can download a short brochure:  Will Democracy Survive? Publicly Financed Campaigns [150 KB, 2 pages] 

We are frequently called upon to speak at schools and to community organizations about money in our elections, where to find information, and how to take action. If you wish to schedule a speaker for your class or group, send an email to our Team Leader:

We have created slide show presentations that explore the topic of Money in Politics, and we encourage others to use these materials to inform people of the situation created by money in politics.  If you use one of these resources, please send an email to our Team Leader: and tell us about your experiences. 

Money In Politics: Schools [585 KB, 17 pages] (February 2016)

Money in American Elections: Democracy in Danger
[745 KB, 29 pages] (March 2016)

Money in American Elections: Democracy in Danger (notes) [600 KB, 29 pages] (March 2016)

Learn More

PBS Frontline 2012 Big Sky Big Money

Frontline Video: Big Sky, Big Money

In a special investigation in collaboration with Marketplace, FRONTLINE travels to the remote epicenter of the campaign finance debate for a tale of money, politics, and intrigue. How has the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision changed campaigns in America? Ask Montana, which has tried to challenge the ruling in court, is investigating alleged campaign abuses, and is playing host to a bitter race that could decide control of the U.S. Senate. FRONTLINE correspondent and Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal reports.

Money In Politics:

What We're Doing Now

Keeping MiP in the Public Eye
click to visit the CFR Resources page

Brochure:  MiP Brochure Summer 2018

Fort Collins' Marge Norskog Pursues "Independent Expenditures"

Read about how this League member is working to close loopholes and bring transparency and disclosure to Fort Collins' elections:

Election watchdog keeps a close eye on Fort Collins

Community Conversations

The League of Women Voters of Chaffee County selected Money in Politics as the topic for their 13 November 2017 meeting with Rionda Osman (LWVBC) as speaker.  They held a Drinks and Dialog event on 16 November 2017 with Caroline Fry of Common Cause leading the discussion. 

More Info: LWV Chaffee County

The League of Women Voters of Greeley/ Weld County sponsored a panel discussion of the basics of campaign finance, particularly at the local level. 

Campaign Finance Panel Discussion 16Nov2017

The League of Women Voters
of the Pikes Peak Region held a series of community conversations in Colorado Springs about how money in politics exacts a steep price on the common good.

Colorado Springs MiP Series Sep 2017

Letter-Writing Campaign

We must keep citizens aware of the issues involved when we talk about Money in Politics. It is easy to dismiss actual problems and assume that nothing can be done, but we can prepare the voters to support common-sense campaign finance reform. Check out our CFR Blasts for source material.

We're setting a goal of writing at least one Letter to the Editor each month.  Jane Everham of LWV of Larimer County has kicked off this campaign. Read her letter here:

            LtE Jane Everham (Larimer) 1Jun2017

and our latest contribution is from Shirley Jin (Boulder)

Commentary Shirley Jin (Boulder) Daily Camera  5Aug2017

which elicited a response from Jean Hardwicke of Boulder

Jean Hardwicke's Response to Jin's Commentary 9 Aug 2017

Barb Grant (Boulder) took aim at money in politics: 

Barb Grant Daily Camera 17Mar2018

Please share examples of your work.  We'll post them here to inspire each other:

            MiP Letter Writing Campaign

Click the button below to send an email with a link to your letter or attach a copy or share an idea: 

                               MiP Campaign

MiP Handouts from 2017 LWVCO Convention
Our team prepared a set of handouts for the LWVCO Convention in May 2017 that includes tips for organizing and links to sources and resources.  Click the link below:

            2017 LWVCO Convention Handouts

Collecting Information on Campaign Finance Regulations

Survey Results

A second goal that we set ourselves is to collect information about campaign finance regulations in Colorado.  We asked Leaguers round the state to contribute. 

The MiP Project (Summer 2017) report has been completed.  Click the link below to view and download a PDF copy: 

MiP Survey Results 1Sep2017

The results were presented at the LWVCO Make Democracy Work Conference in Denver, 16 September 2017.  Click the link below to view the view the slides and download a PDF copy: 

Money in Politics Report 16 Sep 2017

Click the link below to reach our CFR Resources page where you'll find links to Home Rule documentation, TRACER listing of 2016 contributions, and more. 

                         CFR Resources on MiP

LWVUS Money in Politics Action Kit

The League is deeply committed to reforming our nation's campaign finance system to ensure the public's right to know, combat corruption and undue influence, enable candidates to compete more equitably for public office and allow maximum citizen participation in the political process.

This Action Kit provides tools for League members to take action in your community or state related to reforming money in politics.

Money in Politics: Letter to the Editor Template   (to download a Word document) 

Click to view a narrated version of the presentation Inspired to Action