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MiP Our Focus:  Money in Politics (MiP)

Our democracy is failing as the money of corporations, special interests and very wealthy individuals enables candidates to run for office, win elections, and then, pass legislation favoring their contributors. This situation has been greatly exacerbated by Citizens United and other Supreme Court decisions that have eliminated campaign finance laws.  Read the LWVUS position on Money in Politics.

We welcome new participants! You don't have to be an expert or a member to join the Money in Politics Team. Check the MiP Events scrollbar for the next monthly meeting which includes a link to detailed information. You can also consult our MiP Resources Collection for examples of our work.  If you have questions please contact our Money in Politics Team Leader -

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Follow the Money

Click the links below to see the (Center for Responsive Politics) fundraising profiles of our elected officials: 

Kenneth R. Buck (R-CO District 4)

Joseph Neguse (D-CO District 2)

Michael F. Bennet, Senator (D-CO) 

Cory Gardner, Senator (R-CO)   
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Boulder County Governments

Click the links below for election information.

Boulder        Louisville

Erie              Lyons   

Lafayette     Nederland

Longmont    Superior